What Is Shamanism

Shamanism is an ancient spiritual path and one of the oldest known healing practices. It is not a religion, although it requires a belief in the spiritual realm. The origins of shamanism predate recorded civilization and go back many thousands of years to before the Stone Age. It is the oldest way that humans sought connection with the Creator.

All indigenous people, regardless of cultural differences and customs, share shamanic practices. These are rooted in the natural life cycles of the earth and the movement of the sun, moon, and stars through the sky. Indigenous cultures ritually marked the seasons of life such as birth, puberty, marriage, and death.

The deep inner spiritual life was honored as they lived closely with the great archetypes of Earth, Sky, Center, and the four directions. Today shamanism still survives on all inhabited continents in spite of the human failures such as materialism, disrespectful treatment of the Earth, determination to control and contain Nature, and dogmatic religious practices.

The word “shaman” itself comes from the language of the Tungus people of Russia. According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, its derivation is from the Tunguso-Manchurian word saman. Anthropologists researching healing practices the world over have applied the term shaman to many indigenous tribal healers and medicine people.

Becoming a shaman is often directly related to a near death experience. Among the traditional examples are being struck by lightning, a fall from a height, a serious life-threatening illness or lucid dream experiences in which the person dies or has some organs consumed and replaced and is thus reborn. Survival of these initial inner and outer brushes with death provides the shaman with personal experiences which strengthen his or her ability to work effectively with others. Having experienced such an event, a shaman is likely to understand what must be done to correct a condition or situation.

I, myself, had a near drowning at age 5. After this I saw my brother sitting in the car between my parents. This was curious as he was not born for another 3 years. After that I saw things others did not - but one does not speak of such things so I remained silent. However, people would ask my advice; I wondered about this because I was just a kid. I noticed that if they followed the guidance I gave things got “better” if not they stayed the same or got “worse.”

At age 12 my grandmother died but she stayed with me whispering in my ear, it was as if she sat on my shoulder, giving guidance. At 21 a group of friends conducted a séance and called for an entity. In spite of closed windows the candles flickered the mandatory three times and the person sitting across from me and I shape shifted. It was years later that I understood the concept of shape shifting. At that time my first guide appeared and I was gifted with accurate information about Stonehenge even though I had no idea there was such a place. At this time there were no teachers, no guidance and the other realms had great interest for me. However, I had a young child so I stopped interacting for many years.

When I heard the term soul retrieval I was most skeptical, not believing that we had a soul but I was somehow guided in all my decisions! I thought everyone was. Later when I studied astrology we journeyed to the planets, our teacher knew and understood shamanism. I had no idea I needed a drum or that everyone didn’t receive information the same way I did, through guidance and inspiration. Now, I am able to guide others and help affect change.

Because of these life-altering events a Shaman has the ability to consciously move beyond the physical body. This is called a shamanic journey; these journeys of Soul take the shaman into the Other-World; these are often referred to as nether realms, higher levels of existence or to parallel physical worlds or other regions of this world. Shamanic Flight or journeying is in most instances, an experience not of an inner imaginary landscape, but is reported to be the shamans’ flight beyond the limitations of the physical body. These journeys are not to be taken lightly and the shaman has protectors, his or her Power Animals and Spirit Guides.

There is an interesting story of how the animals feel “sorry” for humans because we have only two legs. Because of this we are gifted at birth with three totem animals. As a child did you have a favorite stuffed animal? Perhaps this was your totem…

There are three realms which the Shaman visits: the Upper World, the Middle World and the Lower World. These realms are visited by the Shaman and the Power Animals to effect a change in the physical world. The intention of the Shaman is paramount and the attention of the Power Animals important as the circumstances in the other realms are extraordinary and not to be entered carelessly.

One may learn how to journey to affect change in ones’ own life but this does not mean you are a Shaman. In the modern world there is a tendency to trivialize the ability that healers have thinking anyone can do the work. The work of the Shaman is powerful and at times dangerous so deep training is necessary. Please chose carefully with whom you study should you chose to explore the shamanic path.

Soul Retrieval & After-Care, Home & Business Blessings, Shamanic Counseling, Shamanic Journey Classes. Workshops, Seasonal Retreats & Vision Quests

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Akashic Records    Shamanic Tarot    Shamanic Counseling    Soul Retrieval

The Akashic Records – Cosmic Consciousness – The Book of Life – The Book of God's Remembrance

Do you want to know that you are on purpose, on track, on the “right” path? Imagine having a computer that keeps track of every event, thought, image, or experience for personal growth and spiritual consciousness. The Akashic Records reveal the essence and expression, potentials, and purposes of one’s Soul.

Within this database are lessons learned, opportunities lost, faults acquired and experiences gained. Additionally, while an individual’s actions might be misinterpreted in the physical world, the Akashic Records contain an objective record of a person’s “real life.” The records report true intent. So, while our humanity wants to judge “right and wrong,” “good and bad,” life experiences lead us to our true purpose: to reunite with the loving, compassionate energy that is God, the Universal Source.

The Record is not read from the astral level but rather the soul level. At the soul level, the details, (the specifics of how things come to pass) are not important. What is important is the essence of someone's being. An Akashic Record Reading can connect you with your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones. These loving, compassionate beings are, in my experience, devoted to assisting in the creation of your life.


Imagine that rather than simply a compilation of words, the records can be viewed much like a movie.

Imagine a recording of all that ever happened within any historical time period.

The Records keep track of this information from an objective point of view and also maintain the perspective and emotions of every individual involved. The Records keep track of and assist each soul’s personal growth and transformation. While this may sound incredible, this description provides a representation of the Akashic Records as an authoritative journal of consciousness and evolution.

Accessing the Records answers life’s Big Questions: Who am I? What is my purpose in this lifetime? How can I fulfill that purpose? Accessing and describing information from these records enables people to discover everything from their essential purpose in life, to the underlying cause of a long-standing problem. They are a resource of information which was and is available to everyone. It is possible for individuals to tune in, to tap into Cosmic Consciousness, the Akasha. In this manner, one can “hear,“ “read” and “experience” the information. Another way to phrase it is: One comes to know that whatever the physical, emotional, or spiritual experience - regardless of the magnitude or subtlety - one draws the exact experiences required to facilitate expansion and evolution.

My understanding is that God is essentially Love and the Universe is full of order. Our journey in all lifetimes is toward reunifying with the Loving energy, which is God. Each individual is/was purposefully created, as a soul to become a companion with the Creator.

The Records are a way to access information on the journey, to discuss and understand our soul path. Spirit is the natural state. Life does not begin in the moment of birth; we exist in spirit before physicality. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience awaiting reunification with Creator. In the time of waiting we have the ability to grow and evolve; the Akashic Records are available to assist in that process.

Our souls have complete freedom of choice, free will, and the opportunity to find and uniquely express ourselves. This is our individuality while being part of the Whole. These choices lead many to ask, “What are we doing here?” We are gathering experiences. Our creative soul nature is finding self-expression. So, we ask “Who am I?” One of life’s Big Questions. Each soul chooses specific experiences to gain firsthand knowledge not only of self, but how these choices lead to experience and experience leads to wisdom.

Wisdom leads to compassion and with time, compassion becomes Love. Self-love and compassion for others lead to understanding. Our true relationship is one with a Loving compassionate God, knowing that we are part of that Loving Compassion. Our true nature is Loving Compassion; we are one with God. Our true essence is the same as God’s true essence: We Are Love.

To have a visit into your Records contact Shiela at 425 750 0510 or shiela@shamanweaver.com.

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For centuries, the Akashic Records have been the exclusive domain of mystics, scholars and saints. Infinite power and wisdom are available in the Records, and they had been entrusted to those well-prepared for the responsibility of deep knowing. However, in this time of great change, the availability of the Records is shifting. This radical upheaval in all areas of life has the effect of bringing us into the highest possible alignment with the Divine Reality. One of the great tools for the development of our consciousness is the Akashic Records. Within the context of the Records, awareness and development of strategies for healing and change become conscious.

The Akashic Records exist within a dimension of consciousness containing a vibrational record of every soul and it’s journey. The Records are completely available everywhere. Location and time do not affect the Records. Human beings have been interacting consciously and unconsciously with this matrix of energy throughout creation. These interactions, both deliberate and accidental, have been referred to as the Book of Life and the Book of God's Remembrance. This body of wisdom has been an ever-present source of spiritual support for all children of the Universe.


The Records are an experiential body of wisdom, insight, guidance, and healing information. They can be accessed by means of a simple sacred prayer. Saying this prayer causes a shift in the consciousness of the reader. There is a mutual action, the reader moves into alignment with the Records—and at the same time, the Records move within the reach of the individual reader. The experience of the unconditional love of the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones in the Records can be very emotional. Essentially, the most efficient and effective means to spiritual consciousness is through spiritual action, the sacred prayer. More important than any information gained through accessing the Records is the energy present in the Records.

The experience of the Records is familiar to many people. It is familiar because it is the domain of our very own soul. Moving into the consciousness of the Records has been accidental for most. For example, you are wrestling with a problem deep in thought, almost a meditative state and a flash of illumination occurs in which you perceive the situation completely differently. You cannot return to the old way of experiencing the problem, you have had a profound insightful “aha“ moment. Often you attempt to re-create the condition that allowed for the insight. You may try to recall the exact place, time of day, everything that allowed for that connection. Working with the sacred prayer provides a reliable, deliberate way to move into and access the consciousness of the Records responsibly.

Being in the Record potentially takes the participants into the state of unconditional love, acceptance, peace, power, and light. The combination of knowledge and power found in the Record activate the highest good of all. The energy present in the Record is full-bodied and rich. The infusion of light accelerates everything in its path. In the presence of light, Infinite Wisdom of Light goes where it is needed and then is received to fulfill its function.

The Record is not read from the astral level but rather the soul level. At the soul level, the details (the specifics of how things come to pass) are not important. What is important is the essence of someone's being. The soul wants to be in a condition of free-flowing generous love.

The Record is about working with the life force as it is revealed. Being in the richness of the Record helps some people in their creative endeavors, the energetic input can be inspirational and supportive to the artist. Having distinct experiences of light with the Record, and receiving guidance about the execution of projects, adds to the fullness of the expression of any creative endeavor.

The Akashic Record is a powerful way for people to grow in consciousness supporting their personal lives and enhancing their relationship with the Divine. Spending time in the Record aids in the fundamental shift from self-reliance to God-reliance with a greater sense of the presence and power of God. It was always there, now it is felt as real. This shift enables people to perceive themselves and their life from a different perspective. Fully conscious, this body of energy is accessible, for the growth and enrichment of each individual. It is appropriate to request insight, guidance, and wisdom, as well as clearing of old patterns.

This is the time in the development of human consciousness for individuals to have direct access to their own spiritual authority. Expansion of each individual‘s responsible relationship with spiritual authority does not eliminate the need for community support from others; it is in addition to group support. Being in community strengthens us individually, and working responsibly and directly with the light strengthens our communities.

For a guided visit to the Records, please contact Shiela at 425 750 0510 or email shiela@shamanweaver.com.

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Shamanic Tarot

My love of Shamanism and the Tarot led me to uncover Shamanic Tarot. In my shamanic practice I use Angeles Arriens’ archetypes from The Four-Fold Way to understand the symbolism.

The Visionary has the quest, set with intention. The Enlightened Spiritual Warrior (I added enlightenment and spirituality) either is waiting or taking action in the journeys. As each intentional question has a lesson there is a Teacher and each query also has a healing so the Healer archetype. I added the Magician to manifest the action to be taken in the practical world. I believe that the insights we receive when asking important questions are worth taking action upon.

Shamanic Tarot combines the ancient Earthy wisdom of Shamanism with the rich archetypal symbology of the Tarot. The four elements Air (Swords), Earth (Pentacles), Fire (Wands) and Water (Cups) are present. The 22 Major Arcana cards provide a roadmap for life’s journey. The Minor Arcana cards focus on how to begin and move through a specific arena. Five archetypes define the reading: Visionary, Enlightened Spiritual Warrior, Teacher, Healer and Magician and provide direction in applying the information.

Using the ancient methodologies of Shamanism and Tarot, Shamanic Tarot was birthed. Answers are clear, concise and understandable. The question does not have to be revealed to me; Spirit guides the answers.

One comes away with a deeper understanding and an activity to be undertaken: take a walk in nature, call someone and make a plan, meditate or take action as is correct for you. Guidance and help is available to us when we ask.

Shamanic Tarot is an effective and practical tool for seeking answers to important life questions and then implementing spiritual solutions for yourself and the highest good of all beings.

To have a Shamanic Tarot reading in person or by phone please contact Shiela at 425 750 0510 or shiela@shamanweaver.com.

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Shamanic Counseling

Combining traditional therapy with shamanic journeying provides personal insights, transformation and deep healing. Past events affect daily life.

In this style of therapy the client learns to develop self-reliance and can use this technique anytime they chose rather than waiting for their next scheduled appointment. Encouragement and support assists in learning how to journey effectively, develop clear questions and interpret the answers.

Shamanic counseling does not conflict nor is it incompatible with psychological counseling. Psychotherapists and clients who have experienced this system have noted that shamanic counseling speeds up the personal growth and healing process. I have facilitated these sessions for decades with great success.

In shamanic counseling the role of the counselor is to teach the client how to communicate with his or her spirit helpers in non-ordinary reality. Non-ordinary reality is the realm of spirit guides, power animals and helpers. It is easily accessed through a monotonous drumbeat by any student. The counselor encourages and supports the client in learning how to journey effectively. The spirit helpers provide the answers. Clients are taught how to develop clear questions and to interpret the answers they receive.

By empowering the client to obtain answers directly from the spirit helpers, this method differs from other therapeutic techniques. Shamanic counseling avoids fostering dependency on the counselor. Many clients become skilled enough in the technique to successfully practice on their own after four or five sessions, although some clients choose to work with the counselor for more sessions to keep momentum and focus.

To have a Shamanic Counseling in person or by phone please contact Shiela at 425 750 0510 or shiela@shamanweaver.com.

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Soul Retrieval, Soul Loss & Integration

Soul Retrieval is a four-part process that involves bringing soul parts back from the Other World and integrating them into your life as it is now. A Shaman helps people heal, brings dreams and visions from the world of Spirit back into the mundane world, connects the inner and outer worlds, and conducts soul retrievals and shamanic hearings.

A Shaman is a person who stands with one foot firmly planted in the physical world and the other planted in the spiritual world. Shamanism involves fantastic inner journeys into the collective unconscious including experiential access to other levels and realms of reality. The Shaman can facilitate non-ordinary states of consciousness in others for healing and transformative processes.

In shamanic terms all illness, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual is considered the same, and treated as soul loss. Think of the soul as segmented pieces of an orange which can be split off, disconnected from the whole. Most of the time soul parts return spontaneously. However, if the trauma is severe or over a long time, the soul segments will not return.

Soul loss is a natural response to trauma causing one to lose interest in things like food, sex, other people, daily chores, life in general or projects. Traumatic events such as auto or other accidents, marriage or divorce, surgery, war or other traumatic random events can result in soul loss which then causes one to feel dispirited. These might be expressed as depressed, angry, stuck, bitter, lethargic and apathetic.

Spirit guides and helping allies are available to the Shaman to assist in the recovery of the missing soul parts.

Shamanic healing occurs because the Shaman journeys to the other realms on behalf of the person and brings back information that facilitates healing. Once the Shaman succeeds in returning the lost soul parts, it is then that the person’s own work begins: welcoming home, integrating, caring for and honoring these long forgotten parts.

Shamanism flourishes today because it meets real needs for therapy and healing. Clients consult Shaman because they do not trust or perhaps they have had no success with Western medicine. And shamanism flourishes because it also connects one directly with Divine inspiration and guides to assist our journey through life. Learning to journey is easy, healing and empowering.

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For any of these services, contact Shiela at 206 903 9404 or email shiela@shamanweaver.com.


Wild Women Retreat – Women Ignite Longforgotten Dreams

Friday April 28 at 4 p.m. to Sunday April 30 at 3 p.m.

Away from ordinary reality we’ll step into a realm of nurturing, calm peaceful playfulness. From this childlike space drink and dance, muse and write, eat and sleep, walk the beach and get a personal reading with Shiela Baker. And in this cozy heartfelt environment create a fun arty piece to take home as a reminder to be free.


It is all-inclusive (you could literally show up with your PJs and toothbrush and we've got you covered!). We'll wine and dine - mostly organic, play and ponder, easy gentle Yoga and soft meditations and beach walks. Experience Shamanic journeys, drumming, an evening fire AND each participant will have personal private time with Shiela.

Ahhhh, to be like a child again! Even if just for a weekend.

In our majestic beach getaway, take a spectacular vacation adventure into endless possibilities. Forget your everyday challenges, spark new ideas, kindle determination, and alter mindsets. For more information or to register shiela@shamanweaver.com

The registration fee is $497 ($100 non refundable deposit) when paid before March 31, $597 afterwards.


An Evening of Healing with ShamanWeaver Shiela Baker

Physical and emotional blocks keep us from having the life we want. This energy can be removed from your body. Ancient Shaman used Power Animals and Spirit Guides to help in the healing. These energetic block cause illness, depression, anxiety and a life lived less than well.

Come join ShamanWeaver Shiela Baker. Leave uplifted available and connected.

Monday April 3 from 7 to 8:30 PM at East West Bookshop $15

  • East West Bookshop
  • 6407 12th Avenue N.E.
  • Seattle, WA 98115
  • 206 523 3726

Want more info? Contact Shiela at shiela@shamanweaver.com 425 750 0510

Wolf Abundance Ceremony

So, this year you are invited to join me for the monthly Wolf Abundance Ceremony. Since 1996 these monthly rituals have been part of my life and it’s time once again to share them with more people. Four great Wolves align their unique seasonal energy to guide you to right action for abundance in all areas of your life. Please join me Saturday April 22, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. until 9:30 p.m. for the ceremony. Please bring munchies, $20 and your blessed self! If you have been to these in the past you know how powerful they are! Bring your friends!

Saturday, April 22 from 6:30 to 9:30 PM. shiela@shamanweaver.com for details $20

For more information contact Shiela at shiela@shamanweaver.com or 425 750 0510.

Shamanic Tarot, Akashic Records, Shamanic Consultations

Thursdays 3:30 - 8:30 PM at East West Bookshop, Seattle.

Shamanic Tarot – Shiela Baker loves Shamanism and the Tarot so she combined the two for a powerful, practical way to gather information and resolve any issue. There is no need to tell her what your question is. Without knowing the question Spirit guides the reading and gives you information needed to move forward. Shamanic Tarot readings are $65 and require approximately 1/2 hour, if you have more than one question we will schedule a longer session.

Accessing the Akashic Records – Akashic Records are like a giant library, or database, vast energetic repository of information – everything that has ever happened in the past and every possible future that currently exists is contained within the Akashic Records. This valuable, useful, practical way information is accessible to answer life’s Big Questions “What is my purpose? Why is … happening now? How can I …?” or even “What the hey?” Akashic readings are $175 and last approximately 90 minutes.

Get in touch with both your creative and perceptive side. Studying the Tarot is an integral part of many modern Shamanic teachings. The symbols of the Tarot are well known and respected in Shamanic tradition. They provide insights and clarity which affects our practical and everyday life. Shamanic Tarot provides a way of looking at life and offers the potential to facilitate concrete changes in daily life.

Shamanic Tarot combines the ancient Earthy wisdom of Shamanism with the rich archetypal symbology of the Tarot. The four elements Air (Swords), Earth (Pentacles), Fire (Wands) and Water (Cups) are present. The 22 Major Arcana cards provide a roadmap for life’s journey. The Minor Arcana cards focus on how to begin and move through a specific arena. Five archetypes define the reading: Visionary, Enlightened Spiritual Warrior, Teacher, Healer and Magician and provide direction in applying the information.

Learning the Tarot takes time however in this easy reading style anyone can access answers. It was designed to be easy to use. Guidance and help is available to us when we ask. Shamanic Tarot is an effective and practical tool for seeking answers to important life questions and then implementing spiritual solutions for yourself and the highest good of all beings.

Thursdays 3:30-8:30 p.m. or call 425 750 0510 or email shiela@shamanweaver.com for an individual session.

  • East West Bookshop
  • 6407 12th Avenue N.E.
  • Seattle, WA 98115
  • 206 523 3726

Contact Me

Contact me at 425 750 0510 or shiela@shamanweaver.com.


About Shiela

Shiela Baker, a practicing & teaching Shaman, is a Mental Health Therapist, a trained Registered Nurse, a Children’s Mental Health Specialist and holds a Master’s Degree in Dance Movement Therapy. She uses many tools to help the soul’s evolution including Shamanic Tarot, the Akashic Records, Soul Retrieval with After­Care, Shamanic Counseling & home & business blessings.

As a child, Shiela had experiences of grownups asking for her opinion and then offering guidance beyond her youthful knowledge. She watched as the recipients used or did not use the information. Her keen observation led her to understand that information is not enough. Implementation seemed then and now to be important in her life and the lives of others who seek help. With this awareness and the ability to listen deeply she trusts that there is divine wisdom which when used in everyday life leads to a life well lived, divinely guided and bliss filled. It is with this desire that all beings are healthy, whole and happy that her teachings are powerfully uplifting.

She believes that we are on Earth School to heal our wounds, find our passion, and live an abundant prosperous life. Then from this empowered place, we may help one another to be magnificent and bring our unique gifts into being. You are the only one in the Universe who has your special gift and without your gift we are all missing the healing and joy you may offer.

Shiela uses alternative thinking for practical solutions. When one combines compassion, humor and insight with Spiritual principles, healing and empowered growth occurs. You can have the life of your dreams!

Shiela loves to travel and spends time in her home near Seattle, Washington, and her native Canada.

More information about Shiela and her spiritual services may be found on her website: www.shamanweaver.com. She welcomes your inquiries and comments either through the web site, via phone at 425 750 0510 or email at shiela@shamanweaver.com.

Shiela’s heartfelt desire is that you journey often and share your wisdom with your friends and family.

"Shiela Baker opens a window into her extensive knowledge of Western & Eastern wisdom traditions by laying the sacred groundwork of the Shamanic Journey in Practical Shamanism. This book reminds us that we are each vital spirit beings that can- and should- come back to ourselves for our own inherent wisdom. Shiela is more than the Practical Shaman. She is a modern day mystic." –Sally O’Brien, M.A., Pastoral Counselor


Guided Shamanic Meditation mp3

“The key to happiness is inner peace,” The Dali Lama.

Life today is chaotic and fast paced. Shamanic meditation is a bridge from frenzy to focus.

Gentle guidance, song and drum lead you to your sacred sanctuary, safe from external pressures. Your personal power animal, a spirit guide waits there with answers and solutions. A faint drumbeat resonates as you find respite.

Guided imagery, music, voice and monotonous drum beats allow the mind to quiet so insights are heard above the din of daily life. In this relaxed state you can experience transformation, spiritual, emotional and physical growth, new ways of perceiving and behaving. No longer responding in old ways we create happiness in spite of our hectic pace.

Spiritual guidance and peace are the gifts of shamanic meditation. Consciously set an intention and gain insights. In shamanic meditations we experience relief from trauma and carry those experiences into everyday life.

Meditation is a mental discipline included in the practice of many world religions, although Shamanism is not a religion. Mystical meditation is practiced by Shamans around the world as an important part of their daily life to gain self-knowledge and aid their community.

The Shaman enters non-ordinary reality through a meditative journey process. The goal of meditation is to achieve mystical states of consciousness. Shamans are keepers of ancient healing knowledge. They were storytellers passing on the traditions and history of their people. Shamanic traditions predate recorded history.

In Shamanic mediation guided imagery leads you to your comfortable, safe place. In this sanctuary awareness provides an unusual experience: your birthright, a life of grace and ease. Our imagination is home to creative thought. Connection with Spirit brings a playful creative focus.

Anything is possible in the Shaman’s realm of non-ordinary reality. This is the realm of creative innovative thinking and imagining. With the power of guided imagery, rhythm and intention access deeper levels of consciousness. Therein lay creative answers to life’s important questions. With access to this vast well of knowledge we relax, self-assured in our ability to care for ourselves and our loved ones.

In shamanic meditations we experience relief from trauma and carry that into our everyday life. The mind is more calm reducing stress and the body responds by lowering the blood pressure and allows for more restful sleep.

To purchase the Guided Shamanic Meditation for $15, click the button below. This is not the Sacred Drumming mp3.


Sacred Drumming mp3

Shamanism is my passion and my life’s work of service. Through the practice of shamanism I heal my own wounds, and it is my joy to share this process with you. It is through the practice of shamanism and the use of its most powerful tool, the journey, that transformation occurs. It is my hope that this book assists each reader in their own healing and in living their life holy. In this way we will heal the world.

We are living at a crossroads in history. An ancient Hopi story tells us that “we are the ones” – the generation the world has been waiting for. What Jung called the “collective unconscious” has transmuted into the “collective conscious,” and we are at the jumping-off place into another phase of evolution. We have access to the old teachings and the new ways of communication. We needn’t be constrained by dogma, but can draw forth its wisdom. What we do, think, say, and feel – all of us, individually and collectively – can make a great difference. By using the shamanic journey practice as a tool for accessing our built-in guidance system, we can ensure that the difference we make brings us closer to Spirit. You do not need to become a shaman in order to practice shamanism, just as you do not have to be a priest in order to practice Catholicism. Shamanism is a path of wisdom that everyone can walk.

Spirit wants us to be happy, fulfilled, and whole. In the journey process we are connected to the deep unconscious and are able to receive guidance from our personal spirit guides and allies. We bring Spirit into matter and matter into Spirit. May you find this process useful in your life.

Aho, Shiela

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For more information, contact Shiela at 425 750 0510 or email shiela@shamanweaver.com.