About Shiela

Shiela combines professional counseling with her passions for the Tarot, Earth-based spirituality and Shamanism. Her insights, humor, and compassion create an atmosphere for empowered growth and healing. She knows that everyone may benefit from the ancient process of shamanic journeying.

Because of her love of Shamanism and the Tarot she combined the two for powerful insights for the inquerient and calls it Shamanic Tarot. She never needs to know the question, leaving you free to ask any question no matter how personal. Spirit hears your unspoken question and the cards provide the guidance and information you need.

She has been a Yoga instructor, psychotherapist, workshop leader and writer for forty years. She taught Psychology at the undergraduate level at Lesley College in Cambridge, MA. She has been in private practice for 25 years (Yikes, I sound ancient!) and a practicing Shaman since 1997. Her articles on Shamanism and Plus Size Yoga have been published in several magazines and she has been on the radio.

Learn more by contacting Shiela at 206 903 9404 or shiela@shamanweaver.com.

See A Shaman

When you are:
In transition
Recovering from:
Auto accident
Breaking a habit
Having bad luck
Feeling unfulfilled
Ready to:
Move forward
Heal physically
Heal emotionally
Heal spiritually

Benefits of Yoga

Increase flexibility
Strengthen muscles
Experience more calm
Increase concentration
Alter your mood
Relieve symptoms of asthma, back pain, and arthritis
Relieve insomnia
Increase spiritual awareness

Promote Peace

Meditation helps you:
Be happy
Find relief from trauma
Gain insight
Answer questions
Regenerate the senses
Recognize potential
Life peacefully
React creatively