Shamanic Tarot


My love of Shamanism and the Tarot led me to uncover Shamanic Tarot. In my shamanic practice I used Angeles Arriens’ archetypes from The Four-Fold Way to understand the symbolism in my journeys. The Visionary has the journey, set with intention. The Enlightened Spiritual Warrior (I added enlightenment and spirituality) either is waiting or taking action in the journeys. As each intentional journey has a lesson there is a Teacher and each journey also has a healing so the Healer archetype. I added the Magician to manifest the action to be taken in the practical world. I believe that the insights we receive when asking important questions are worth taking action upon.

Shamanic Tarot combines the ancient Earthy wisdom of Shamanism with the rich archetypal symbology of the Tarot. The four elements Air (Swords), Earth (Pentacles), Fire (Wands) and Water (Cups) are present. The 22 Major Arcana cards provide a roadmap for life’s journey. The Minor Arcana cards focus on how to begin and move through a specific arena.  Five archetypes define the reading: Visionary, Enlightened Spiritual Warrior, Teacher, Healer and Magician and provide direction in applying the information.

Using the ancient methodologies of Shamanism and Tarot, Shamanic Tarot was birthed for me. Answers are clear, concise and understandable. The question does not have to be revealed to me; Spirit guides the answers. One comes away with a deeper understanding and an activity to be undertaken: take a walk in nature, call the person and make a plan, meditate or take action as is correct for you.

Guidance and help is available to us when we ask.  Shamanic Tarot is an effective and practical tool for seeking answers to important life questions and then implementing spiritual solutions for yourself and the highest good of all beings.

To have a Shamanic Tarot reading in person or by phone please contact Shiela at 206 903 9404 or

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When you are:
In transition
Recovering from:
Auto accident
Breaking a habit
Having bad luck
Feeling unfulfilled
Ready to:
Move forward
Heal physically
Heal emotionally
Heal spiritually

Benefits of Yoga

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Strengthen muscles
Experience more calm
Increase concentration
Alter your mood
Relieve symptoms of asthma, back pain, and arthritis
Relieve insomnia
Increase spiritual awareness

Promote Peace

Meditation helps you:
Be happy
Find relief from trauma
Gain insight
Answer questions
Regenerate the senses
Recognize potential
Life peacefully
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